Thai Toda Corporation Ltd. (TTC)

        Thai Toda Corporation Ltd., an overseas affiliated company of Toda Corporation of Japan, was established in October 11th, 1988. The company has built itself into one of the most reliable, results-oriented and forward-thinking construction companies in Thailand. Our construction activities include general contracting for a variety of projects associated with factory, high rise building for condominium, serviced apartment and hospital that we are proud of our establishment over a decade in Thailand. Our business has enormously contributed to growth of the construction industry in response to a tremendous demand in the Thai construction market.

        Like other Toda Corporation’s worldwide representative offices, Thai Toda Corporation Ltd. has maintained strongly the policy in complying with its parent company that TODA has never failed to contribute significantly its ownership advantages in construction filed to the general development of the country for which our projects are undertaken. Carrying out construction of the highest quality based on extensive, outstanding technology, we aim to provide new construction and services tailored to meet the needs of the future.

        Supported by its parent company’s wealth of over 140 years experiences and technological expertise accumulates, Thai Toda has adopted the efficient Japanese-style management, knowledge and skills related to the construction as well as control and cost management to achieve the forefront of construction field in harmony with the friendly environment projects. We will continue to meet growing construction demands in Thailand as it capitalizes on its excellent records.

        Today, the experience, know-how and insight gained for years is helping us lay the groundwork for another century of growth and expansion of building a future that is more exciting and innovative than ever. As a construction company, the company visionary has made it a driving force in the construction field. To better meet the needs for the new age and to create the synthesis we believe the essentials to modern construction, we are now taking advantage of our technical and development know-how to promote our own planning and proposed businesses.